Creamy Barley Soup

'Soup-e Jo'

Green Lentil Soup

'Soup-e Adas'

A smooth, creamy pearl barley soup with rolled oats, carrots and parsley. Vegeterian. *Allergens include barley, butter & celery.

A light, tomato based green lentil soup infused with turmeric, sumac & lemon. Vegan, gluten free. * Allergens include celery.

Lamb, Bean & Potato Soup


Persian one-pot comfort food. Slow cooked lamb, potato, tomato, white beans and dried lime. Dairy free, gluten free. *Allergens include celery.

Persian Noodle Soup

'Aash Reshte' 

A thick, creamy soup made with Persian noodles, chickpeas, beans, fresh herbs & soured yoghurt. Vegetarian. *Allergens include wheat, milk & celery.


Lamb & Split Yellow Pea Stew

'Khoresht-e Gheymeh'

A slow cooked tomato based stew with succulent pieces of lamb, yellow split peas & dried lime. Dairy free, gluten free.

Aubergine & Split Yellow Pea Stew

'Khoresht-e Gheymeh Bademjan'

A tomato based stew with fried aubergine, yellow split peas & dried lime. Vegan, gluten free.

Chicken, Walnut & Pomegranate Stew

'Khoresht-e Fesenjan'

A rich, sweet & sour stew made with chicken

on the bone, ground walnuts & pomegrante molasses. Dairy free, gluten free. *Allergens include walnuts.

Lamb, Herb & Kidney Bean Stew

'Khoresht-e Ghormeh Sabzi'

Tender pieces of lamb slow cooked in a mixed fresh herb sauce with dried limes & red kidney beans. Dairy free, gluten free.

Saffron Rice

Premium long grain white rice topped with golden saffron rice. Vegan, gluten free.


Grilled Aubergine & Walnut Dip

'Kashk-e Bademjan'

Grilled aubergine mixed with soured yoghurt, crushed walnuts & a touch of mint. Vegetarian, gluten free. *Allergens include walnuts & milk.

Smoked Aubergine & Tomato Dip

'Mirza Ghasemi'

Smoked aubergine with tomato, egg & a touch of garlic. Vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free. *Allergens include egg.

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